• Malin Astara

The Path to Self-Realization

Updated: May 20, 2019

This is the journey I have committed myself to. Dedicated my life to.

To see who we are beyond our ego. Our thoughts. Our emotions. Our body. The external reality.

What is underneath all that?

That is the question I have become dedicated to figure out. First and foremost for myself. For my own sanity. This question has always been there for me. Lingered in the background. All the time. Never came, never left. No matter what I have pursued in the external. Whether it was during my confused teenage years, my epic kiteboarding career or my time in the thrilling start-up world.

It never went away. No matter what I chose to engage myself in externally. These deep questions would always be there. Whispering to me that they would not leave. That somehow it was my destiny to go this journey. To deep dive into these questions.

Who are we beyond our thoughts? Who are we beyond our body? Who are we beyond our titles and external achievements?

Always so present in my consciousness.

'Who are YOU?'

I have lived an unconventional life from the time I was old enough to make my own decisions in life. I have had the classic beach bum student life in Australia, pursued my dream as a professional kiteboarder and lived out the tech start-up life. I loved it all during the time I had the chance to do so.

Yet, no matter how awesome my life seemed to be in the external, I was internally mostly focused on deep diving into topics related to consciousness and the nature of reality.

This became my biggest commitment in life. Externally I could jump from country to country, job to job, home to home. But THIS. This was the true constant in my life. A secret I kept mostly to myself. However, I knew that at some point I would share it all and that made me content.

With time, the natural alignment towards this path became clearer and clearer. Slowly I began to somehow loose my interest in most stuff in the external reality. I became purely focused on the internal.

My desire to go DEEP within and only focus on that grew. I found that that was where all the answers to my big questions were. And that when I had gotten clarity on my deep existential questions I could begin to live my life as it was truly supposed to be lived. From the core and out. Not chasing anything anymore. To realize who I am beyond the ego and bloom from there.

Somehow I just always knew that we were so much more than our body, even though I had not yet had a direct experience with that. Even though I have always had this inner knowing, in many ways that I was still asleep. Asleep to my true nature.

My life has been a slow, but steady progression towards a complete focus on the inner journey. Half of my life I have been very adventorous exploring all things life had to offer in the external. Traveling the world. Living abroad for the majority of my adult life. Living the GOOD life, you know.

I had what most considered the DREAM life, yet still I decided to drop it.

At least for a while. It was not 'enough' for me to just kiteboard anymore. I craved a deep truth that I knew I could only find within. Slowly my interest in kiteboarding faded. I decided to try another path. I decided to move back to Norway and get a job there. To ground myself in my home country and see if I could actually live a 'normal life'. At least from the lens of what most people perceive as normal. I wanted to see if there actually was anything for me there. I settled in Norway for a year and devoted myself to a 'normal life'.

Funnily enough, 'normal' does not seem to be attracted to me.

I 'fell' into an awesome opportunity to run a tech start-up together with three amazing human beings who were on the same inward journey as myself. Bless their light! We had an incredible year together evolving on our personal paths, while running a company who's primary goal was to help individuals find jobs that inspire them.

We were also running workshops where participants designed their dream job and action steps that would take them forward on their journey to manifest that job. We wanted to build a tech platform where people could map out their interests, passions and innate abilities so that they could get matched with opportunities that was in alignment with that.

We were onto building a digital hub of opportunities.

This was obviously no easy task and after a year of working together we ran out of funding.

Around the same time my internal guidance system told me it was time for me to do something else. To move out of the tech world and to go deeper into the spiritual realm. To fully commit to the commitment that was already there within. The one that never left. However, now I was being guided to arrange my external situation so that it would support my internal journey in the best possible way.

To be able to deep dive into my consciousness every day and have a community around me that are on the same journey.

I decided to move to Bali and here I am. Realizing more of my being every day through yoga, meditation, dance, reflection, nature, reading and writing. The more I uncover within, the more I feel called to share. To share the insights that show up in the stillness.

I am truly experiencing profoundity on the reg.

So that is where I am at right now in my journey. My wish is to go deeper and to share what arises so that whoever feel called to answer the same questions for themself have a place to go for inspiration if they feel aligned.

I feel that everything is coming together in my life right now and that I truly am where I am supposed to be.

Now I will ground into mama Bali and RISE from here!

Sending you all so much love,

You are beautiful <3

xx Malin

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