• Malin Astara

Living From the Heart

Updated: May 20, 2019

What does it mean to live from the heart?

As soon as I was old enough to make my own decisions in life I have done my best to follow my heart's guidance.

In the beginning of my adult life, the road was bumpy and I did not actually know that following my heart was what I was doing. I was simply making decisions that felt right to me, but were not necessarily making sense logically. The choices I made was not perceived as 'the right thing' to do. Even though they always felt like a 'Hell Yes!' to me!

Funny, how that works...

The journey of following my intuition started with getting the opportunity to attend a year-long College Degree within activity leadership. I was sent away by my dad to explore the world together with 30 other fascinating humans. I was very insecure at that time, so I was scared AF. Even so, I said yes eventually.

I ended up having the year of a lifetime.

The year was a combination of 3 months in Brazil where I learned how to surf and kitesurf, 4 months in the mountains in Norway skiing and snowboarding and 4 months working as a ski instructor in Austria.


After this amazing year it was safe to say that I was hooked on traveling. I had never felt so good in my entire life. I just loved seeing new places and meeting people from all over the world. I found everyone to be very open and inclusive when I was abroad. It was like everyone was welcome to the party. That was not something I was very used to growing up.

I loved it!

My college year came to an end and most of the class decided to begin student life. However, I was not quite ready for that yet.

I felt like I was just getting started. Just getting started with LIFE! Was that just supposed to last one year? No, not for me.

I decided to embark on another journey together with a dear friend. We went to Brazil for 3 months to purely focus on kiteboarding. The amazing sport where you ride on a board behind a kite on the water. I was terrified and had no clue if I would actually be able to kite properly. I had tried it the previous year, yet I had not really been able to manage the kite at all.... Yet, something in my heart said - 'Hell Yes!' This is totally the direction you are supposed to go.

So yeah, I went for it.

Of course, I ended up having the three best months of my entire life. For three whole months my friend and I were just kitesurfing, hanging at the beach, meeting hilarious people, partying and yeah...drinking coconuts in hammocks under the sun!

Oh my goodness. Life was sweet. Little did I know one could have that much FUN in life.

If I was hooked before, I'm not sure what to say I was now. Perhaps determined. Determined to make life as EPIC as those three months and never settle for less. My friend was moving to Australia to do her Bachelor Degree there. Apparently the town she was moving to was one of the best places in the world for kiteboarding.

What can I say? It did not take long before I jumped on that timeline as well.

Within a few days I had signed up for the same Bachelor Degree. Ready to roll. Ready to keep up with this lifestyle, while also staying somewhat serious.

I mean, I guess it would be good to get a University Degree at some point right?

This sounded like a suitable option to soothe my cravings for adventure, while also somewhat listening to the logical part of my brain that makes 'smart decisions'. My dad was happy! After 3 amazing months in Brazil, my friend and I barely popped by Norway to pack our bags and say bye to family and friends.... before we found ourselves on a plane with a one-way ticket to Perth, Australia. Hello awesomeness. Life was thrilling!

I felt ALIVE. So vibrant. So open. To all opportunities. I was embracing life and all it had to offer.

I totally felt like THIS was how you were supposed to live life.

To surrender to life. To let life take you on a journey. I could never have cooked up all this epicness from my own logical mind. How could I? I did not know that any of this was a possibility. It was not like I was being informed about this timeline when asking my school advisor on what 'path' to choose in life. That was more like: 'Yeah, so do you want to become a banker, marketer, doctor or engineer?'

I mean, how the heck was I supposed to KNOW that at that point in time? I had no clue who I was, what I was about and what I was capable of doing.... Now I was following the flow and it led me to the most beautiful destinations.

It felt like I had figured out some kind of secret of listening to your own guidance system and taking action from there. The results it created in my life were blowing my own mind!

I started to fall in love with life itself....

The journey goes on and this is only the beginning of the story... The story of how life can turn magical once we decide to listen to our inner compass.

There is a voice inside of you letting you know each step along the way towards a life filled with JOY.

Once you start making decisions from there, you begin to live with curiosity and wonder. You surrender to the path of the heart and become in awe of life itself. You start to trust that your heart is the north star that will lead you to the most beautiful destinations. This is what my life is about. To keep following the steps I am constantly being given and learning how to trust that above all else.

We all have the capability and possibility to live this way <3

All we have to do is to learn how to LET GO.

I hope to infuse you with inspiration on your journey.

With so much love / Malin <3

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