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The Art of Following a Dream

Updated: May 20, 2019

A site where I creatively express what is in my heart.

I have always been very fasinated with life and pondered about what this whole thing is about.

A philosopher at heart.

I was never really happy when I grew up. I did not feel at home in my body or in my environment. I always felt that there was more to life than just going to school and getting a 9-5 job.... That may be perfect for some, but it just wasn't the path for me.

After I finished High School in Norway where I grew up I knew I had to travel. Travel far away to see what else was out there. I was committed, but actually terrified...! I had ZERO confidence and belief in myself. I was broken and many times I wanted to give up on the whole thing.

Yet, a voice deep within said that there was something else out there for me and that I must not give up.

My dad sent me away on a journey of a lifetime through a year-long College Degree within activity leadership. For a whole year I traveled the world learning all kinds of amazing sports. It was so much fun. I finally started to feel like life actually had meaning. I got very excited about traveling, seeing new places, encountering new cultures and expanding my perspective of life. It was a beautiful year and the best thing that happened was that I fell in LOVE with a completely new sport....

That was - Kiteboarding!!!

Oh my! This sport was unlike anything I had ever experienced. When I was on the water was it was like everything else disappeared. For a brief moment in time it was just the ocean and me.... I was free.... I was happy... Heck, I could even FLY!

Finally I could feel the freedom my heart so deeply had been yearning for all those years.

I decided to move to Australia to study and pursue kiteboarding. There I could be on the water almost every day. Performing the sport that just made me so incredibly happy.

It was paradise!

After I finished my Bachelor Degree in Perth, the only thing I wanted was to become a professional kiteboarder. I did not know how to make that happen, but after a long period of doubting my dream I decided to just GO FOR IT.

In order to follow my biggest passion I had to break through all limiting beliefs that held me back from pursuing it. This led me on a whole other journey simultaneously. The INNER journey. I became over-the-top interested in personal development and inner engineering. I quickly turned obsessed with learning all that I could related to belief systems, social programming and how one can break through limiting beliefs to do what they LOVE in life.

To actually live an EPIC life.

Deep down inside, I knew I would not settle for anything less than that. And so the journey inward began..... I started researching all that I could get my hands on related to topics within personal development.

I was so committed to smashing all my limiting beliefs so that I could pursue my dream and feel FREE!

Of course, the story ends well!

I ended up kiteboarding professionally for about 4 years. Traveling the world training, competing and teaching this amazing sport. Most days looked pretty much like this... ;-)

I was truly living my dream life. THE dream life!

Surprisingly enough, after some years I got tired of traveling all the time and started to get a sense of not having a purpose. Even though I was living my dream life, even that started to feel meaningless. I began feeling empty and like I wanted to be of service somehow. To not only to live for myself. I did not know how or what I would be doing, I just felt called to switch direction. So another journey inward began. This time my soul searching was related to bigger questions like....

'What is the meaning of life?'... 'What are we actually doing here?'... 'Do I actually have a purpose?'

I wanted to find my purpose.

I felt a deep call to add value to the world somehow, but I was not sure of how. So a new quest began.

I felt like I could not settle before I had found the truth regarding those big questions. At least for myself.... I moved back to Norway to ground. I started practicing yoga and became beyond interested in exploring my consciousness. Through yoga and daily spiritual practice I was starting to find a place within where it all made sense. I went from researching everything I could on personal development to actually practice it. Only going within for answers. I practiced yoga and meditated daily. It did not take long before I started to have deep revelations within myself. I started to discover my consciousness beyond the ego. Beyond the habitual, limiting thoughts that go on repeat. The experiences I started having blew my mind. I quickly figured that this was the way forward.

That the only way out was IN. I started to see that this was the place I would find all answers.

Soooo.... Long story short.... Which leads us to the NOW! After a year in Norway I decided to move to Bali to go all in on the inner journey. Now I'm here and it feels amazing. It feels like home. Every day I am diving deeper into my consciousness and uncovering new sides of our true state of being. Finding intriguing answers to most questions I have ever asked.

It is truly profound!

I feel so fortunate to have found a place I can call home where there are likeminded people who are pursuing the same journey.

It's like finally I can be myself. FULLY.

Thank you to the beautiful Ubud Community !

.....Now What!?

I feel called to share my insights from this journey. Because that is my TRUE JOY at this point in time. So the way from here will be to express that in whatever form resonates in the moment. It can be through an artistic expression from my heart, an inspiritaional blog post or empowering statements from my soul on social media.

Let's see where it all goes. I'm feeling very excited about letting go to my soul and just let her do the job now.

Sending you all so much love <3 May you be free to pursue your dreams and live an epic life.

xoxo / Malin

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