sound healing

Access Malin's High Frequency Music Library!

In her library you will find a juicy collection of epic music for yoga sessions, morning rituals, on-the-go-flow, ecstatic dance and astral traveling. Go on exciting inner journeys and amplify your energy field with a mix of soothing, mystical, oriental, fun and playful playlists.

Circulate 11 usd to Malin's field and you will receive....

11 epic 2-3 hour long playlists to take you inwards, upwards and GOD knows where!



1. Savasana

2. Cosmic Love

3. Floating Cloud

4. A Goddess Immersion

5. Yoga Flow

6. Journey to Self

7. Mystical Tribe Chillout

8. Juicy Ecstaticness

9. Goddess RISING

10. Galactivation

11. Angelic Realm

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