Ignite your heart...
...bloom from within



You may wonder...

Who I am?

I’m just a woman who fiercely chose to follow her HEART in life.

Above. All. Else.

I chose to actively pursue the guidance I received from within....


To journey down a path completely unfamiliar to both myself and those I knew!


To embark on a journey without any clear destination... Using my intuition as my only compass.


Somehow I knew it would not lead me astray.

In fact... The art of following my intuition led me to design the life of my wildest dreams. You may read more about that in my blog.

These days my intuition is guiding me to assist others in the journey of connecting with their soul and design a life from there <3

So I surrendered and we ended up here!

design a life aligned

with your soul

Let's make it happen!

I offer courses that help you connect to your divine self and design life in alignment with the intuitive guidance you have within.

We all have an internal guidance system that is constantly giving us feedback if we are living in alignment with our deepest essence in life.

When we learn how to listen to our inner guidance we begin to open up to the path that is truly meant for us.

A path in life where you begin experiencing PASSION, PURPOSE and JOYA path where you feel that LIFE itself is WITH you, simply because YOU are with YOU.


At your core.


So... How do we connect with our deepest essence and learn how to listen to the guidance coming from that space?

It is my great joy to serve you in that journey.

Check out my offerings below!

my Courses


Connect to your soul essence with a profound breath technique guided by yours truly. Align yourself to the frequency of pure awareness where bliss, love and clarity is found. This is the place where we can access our inner guidance with ease.

amplify your

inner guidance system

Learn how to access your deep inner guidance. In this course we are diving into the topic of altered states of consciousness. You will learn how to make the most of out of these powerful states in order to gain clarity

and begin designing a life aligned with your

deepest essence.

Join Malin’s most potent offering that teaches you how to connect with your soul and design a life aligned with the Divine Guidance that lies within. This course is jam-packed with powerful practices, teachings and energetic transmissions that empower your soul and catalyst you forward on the path towards your destiny.



soul empowerment sessions

I offer Intuitive Coaching on the path of awakening and Soul Empowerment Sessions for those ready to design a life aligned with their Soul.
Book a session below by sending your inquiry and I'll get back to you with details of how we can work together.


'Knowing Malin since she first dove into the path of Spiritual Awakening, I can confidently say she is the most committed person I’ve met. She lives and breathes what she teach and go all the way in – no shortcuts. Malin is a strong empath, highly sensitive to energies and has a clear intuition. She is fully in touch with her Soul and can teach you to do the same.  If you would like guidance from someone who has been through darkest places to the brightest bliss and emerged like a Phoenix with a wealth of wisdom - Malin is your lady.'

- Martine T,


Tesla Metamorphosis Healer & Teal Swan Completion Process Practitioner

'Malin is one of the most powerful, inspirational, down to earth, yet Cosmic Divine Beings I have met to this day. Her teachings stream effortlessly through her almost as in a Trance State, where the energy flowing though her combined with her powerful choice of words are like the Golden Sword of Divine Truth, cutting through all the layers of limiting beliefs so that your True Radiant Self can shine though in all of its raw authentic expressions. If you wish to be pampered and soothed in a place of self pity, her activating one-on-one sessions will not be for you. But if you are ready to fully, deeply and wholeheartedly ignite the fire within, and in doing so have a powerful mirror standing in front of you channeling the truth expressed by your very own Soul, then search no more - this is the Activating Mentor brought to you by your own Divine Manifestation'

- Shenaya Gaia,

Lightworker, Visionary of UNITY

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